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August 25, 2022 in Supplements

Nootropics are known for their ability to improve various facets of cognition such as creativity, concentration, alertness, motivation, willpower, memory, response speed and critical thinking. It’s why they are also referred to as cognitive enhancers, brain boosters, brain supplements or smart drugs. 

So it would perhaps seem odd to think of nootropics in the context of weight loss. But as a general principle, organic and synthetic compounds often have multiple benefits. It just might be that nootropic agents could indeed improve fat loss. But do they? Let’s find out.

How Does Cognition Affect Weight Loss?

As anyone who has tried losing weight knows, being in the right frame of mind is just as important for weight loss as the conventional techniques of proper exercise, healthy diet and sufficient sleep.

You require concentration, memory, morale, energy, upbeat mood and diminished stress to meet and exceed your weight loss objectives.

For instance, a weight loss plan is of necessity a well-thought-out, goal-driven undertaking. You need all the self-drive, concentration and energy you can get to maintain a laser-like focus on your objective throughout the weight loss journey.

How Does Motivation Affect Weight Loss?

Weight loss is hard. You are swimming against a current your body is accustomed to. It’s a stark diversion from a path you may have been on for years or even decades. Losing weight is about stepping out of your comfort zone.

This is further compounded by the competing demands on your time and energy such as work, school and family. With such formidable barriers to success, it is not unexpected that many people will give up somewhere along the way.

It doesn’t help that it may take weeks of consistent exercise and healthy diet before you start seeing tangible signs of progress. You need a steady self-drive and motivation if you are going to keep striving toward your target weight in both the easy and difficult times. 

Research has shown that the more motivated you are, the more successful your weight loss. Motivation is at the center of any significant life achievement and weight loss is not an exception. It is what keeps you enthusiastic and energized when there’s compelling reasons to give up.

How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

Think about the times you had to sleep for just two or three hours a night instead of your usual six to eight hours. How did the following day go? If you are like most people, you didn’t just feel sleepy but were stressed, tired, irritable, disoriented and unproductive.

In the same way a lack of sleep hampers your ability to perform at work or school, it does affect your capacity to lose weight. 

Multiple studies have demonstrated persistent fatigue and sleepiness increases your risk of obesity. Sleeplessness precipitates brain chemical imbalances by throwing off levels of dopamine, melatonin (sleep-wake hormone) and cortisol (stress hormone).

Can Nootropics Help with This?

Yes, they can. Unlike thermogenic fat burners, nootropics do not directly drive weight loss by accelerating metabolism. Instead, they act indirectly by boosting motivation, reducing fatigue as well as improving sleep quality by correcting dopamine, melatonin and cortisol imbalances. 

By keeping key hormones in check, nootropics normalize sleep and contribute toward cognitive performance by improving focus, memory and mood. All these combine to not just propel you toward healthy habits but also lowering your risk of obesity.

Wrapping Up

Next time you are at the gym, take a look around you. Some people will be deeply immersed in their fitness routine. But there will be those who seem distracted, regularly checking their phones, doing the bare minimum before fatigue sets in or getting caught up in random conversation with strangers. Nootropic agents can keep you on track by keeping you fired up and energized. 

Still, nootropic agents are not a monolith. For example, bacopa monnieri (or Brahmi herb) will not have an identical impact on motivation, relaxation and sleep as lion’s mane mushroom despite both being clinically proven nootropics. Also, different nootropic brands do not have identical ingredient formulation which means they will not have the same impact on weight loss.

Importantly, nootropic agents are not a substitute for the discipline of healthy diet and rigorous exercise when looking to shred extra body fat. Cognitive enhancers only provide mental support. As with any supplement, talk to your healthcare professional before you add a nootropic to your weight loss plan.

About the author 

Laurence Lee

Lee is a neuroscientist who has dedicated his career to understanding the inner workings of the brain. He has seen firsthand the power of these supplements in improving cognitive function and believes that more people should be aware of their benefits. In his articles, Lee shares his extensive knowledge on the subject and provides unbiased reviews of different products.

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