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June 17, 2022 in Supplements

If you’re looking into supplements to help with your memory, cognitive function, or even to help with mood and anxiety, you’re not alone! In fact, even a few years ago, perhaps 14% of the public has turned to nootropics.

Keeping yourself healthy is important, but so is keeping yourself safe. So you may have wondered if Nootropics are legal. The good news is that by and large, yes, they are legal.

We’ll dive into the details–like what to be wary of, and what to look for in a trusted nootropic.

What to Avoid

In the world of supplements and medications, the governing authority is the Food and Drug Administration. According to them, the word “drug” is regulated as something that is meant to treat, cure, or alleviate a disease.

Under that umbrella, anything calling itself a drug needs approval from the FDA, and generally needs a prescription. So you should be careful of anything claiming to be a “drug.”

That’s a hot-button word, and you should avoid them. If you want a prescription nootropic, you should consult your physician.

Another thing to avoid are any supplements labeled as “research supplements.” These are compounds that are not approved, or whose ingredients are not verified, by any US agency. These compounds are on the edge of legal, and generally don’t have enough evidence behind them to be deemed safe.

What to Look For

Keeping on the safe side, not only should you avoid certain things, but here are a few things to look for in your nootropic producer.

  • Natural Ingredients: If a nootropic is made from all-natural ingredients, those ingredients and their use needs to be regulated by the FDA. That doesn’t mean “FDA approved”, because that’s a classification reserved for actual drugs. But all-natural does fall under the FDA jurisdiction of supplements that are monitored by the authorities.
  • Clinical Studies: No Nootropic manufacturer should be afraid of scientific data. In fact, you’d hope that they’re all relying on good science, but that’s not always the case. Definitely look on a Nootropic website’s ingredient list, and look for links or references to studies backing up their claims.
  • Reviews: It might sound basic, but if you can find a foot-print for a Nootropic producer on TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau, or even on Amazon reviews, that’s a solid indication that the maker legal and legit.

Bottom Line

Most Nootropics are legal in the US. All of the ones that we’ve researched that are made in the US are completely legal. But you should always look at the producer, and check their ingredients.

About the author 

Laurence Lee

Lee is a neuroscientist who has dedicated his career to understanding the inner workings of the brain. He has seen firsthand the power of these supplements in improving cognitive function and believes that more people should be aware of their benefits. In his articles, Lee shares his extensive knowledge on the subject and provides unbiased reviews of different products.

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