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February 5, 2023 in Supplements

The brain is an incredibly complex organ that works hard to support almost every aspect of our life. It is capable of multitasking and controlling so many processes in our lives, both mental and physical.

It is important to maintain optimal brain function, so many people, including myself, have resorted to regularly consume nutritional supplements that are known to enhance cognitive function with natural ingredients that are safe yet effective. One of the popular nootropics on the market is Thesis, which is a special one because it tailors its products to the persons specific needs. Let's see what they're all about below. 

The Nature Of Thesis Nootropics

Thesis is a wonder brain supplement designed by Adam Greenfield and Dan Freed. This duo started researching nootropics in order to fulfill personal needs.

Both of these formulators suffered from poor cognitive performance. They were successful, after much effort, in balancing brain chemistry for best performance.

They are now sharing the results of their research with the world so people may benefit. 

After their original product, Find My Formula, became highly successful, they improved upon their formulations and processes.

Although each one of us has a unique neurochemistry, after studying enough people, they started detecting patterns in the types of ingredients, the forms in which those ingredients need to be, and dosages that work best. 

Over a number of years, they have accumulated a vast dataset comprising:

  • Over 30,000 users.
  • 127 ingredients that were tested.
  • More than 500,000 recommendations made.

The results were impressive. 86% of those who used the product reported:

  • Higher motivation.
  • Enhanced energy levels.
  • Better memory.
  • Improved mood.

As might be expected, Thesis was able to garner a whopping 96% in terms of customer satisfaction. On top of it, the company did not fall shy of its social responsibilities.

By donating a part of every sale to both The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and the Covenant House, they are correctly poised to not only scale new heights in brain enhancement, but to make the benefits of their research better accessible to the less privileged.

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Thesis has multiple nootropic formulas, and the company will help you through a quiz and trial phase to identify the right formulation for your brain. Ingredients vary in each blend to target specific zones in your brain that might require support. Some of the key ingredients include NALT, which is a bio-available alternative to Tyrosine, and will support your capacity to plan and think. 

Choline (Citicoline) is another key ingredient to support memory and learning. Various other ingredients are aimed at driving clarity, logic, motivation and creativity faculties in the brain. With Thesis nootropics, you will have the opportunity to try as many as 27 ingredients spread across multiple formulations to evaluate your response to different blends.

Ingredient Quality And Reliability

When you evaluate any nootropic, you need to look closely at how the ingredients are sourced and tested. Many companies make do with cheap and untested ingredients procured from abroad. 

The unfortunate fact is that the market is flooded with products that are not only useless but also downright dangerous for human consumption. They are adulterated with heavy metals, pathogens, mycotoxins, and even banned substances that pose a definite health hazard. 

Thesis includes each ingredient only after a stringent and multi-step medical, legal, and ethical evaluation. Prior to acquiring the ingredients and testing them for purity and safety, each ingredient must be proven to be effective and safe through clinical trials. 

The company is ever conscious of and compliant with the ever-changing regulations. A lot has changed since when Find My Formula was launched. Each one of their blends has undergone substantial improvements.

Earlier Thesis Nootropics formulations used too much of artificial ingredients and hardly enough of natural minerals and vitamins, adaptogens, functional mushrooms, and peptides. A common complaint against naturals is that you do not experience the same feel-good boost. 

Well, the latest Thesis formulations address that limitation with an impressive balance between that feeling of well-being and also getting those natural and bio-harmonizing ingredients into your body.

The Way In Which Thesis Works

Thesis should not be considered as your run-of-the-mill supplement. The company has in place a streamlined process that has found favor with 86% of users – who can get their customized formulations inside a month.

The proper way of using Thesis:

  • Assessing your unique brain.
  • Establishing your baseline.
  • Beginning with your Starter Kit.
  • Finding out what works for you and also what does not.
  • Tweaking and optimizing – utilizing the complimentary coaching

You kick off your Thesis journey with a brief survey for getting an insight into your basic lifestyle, the way your brain works, and your objectives for using nootropics. It takes you not more than a few minutes to complete the entire “quiz”. After you have finished, their AI is tasked with finding your “digital twin” for determining the formulations that might work best for you. 

After a few days, you will get the Thesis Starter Kit via mail, with the 4 different blends that best match your brain. It’s recommended that you make notes of how you feel, your goals, and challenges. These notes will serve as reference subsequent to the several weeks it takes for testing. You get bonus points if audio/video is included in your log. 

You need to follow the directions, and test each product for 6 consecutive days. Then you can take a weekend break, giving your body the time to reset. Although there is no need to rest up for 2 days, people have had better results if rested for that extra day. 

If you are sensitive, you would do well to take these capsules early in the morning. You need to wait for a few days before arriving at any conclusions about the particular blends. Other lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet, stress, and so on can affect how well your nootropics is working. 

At any point of time, you can ask to speak to a resident Thesis Nootropics Expert. They will guide you to ensure the best possible experience for you and tweak the kit that you received as required. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the expert assistance at your disposal, since that is a rare service provided by Thesis. 

As the month draws to a close, you will have discovered which blends you like most and the ones that you would rather steer clear of. It makes perfect sense to not prefer some of them, and when you place an order in future, you will only be sent the products that you best like.

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How Thesis Should Be Used

Finally, when you get the shipment in the mail, you may feel out of your depth. Let's see what you can expect from your shipment. When you open the large box that you have received, you will find 4 smaller boxes. Inside each of these boxes there are 5 sachets. From Monday to Saturday, every morning, you need to take a full sachet (comprising 2-3 capsules).

You would do well to take notes beforehand - describing what you want from the experience. A few popular examples are listed below:

  • Wasting less time on social media sites.
  • Getting started with a new language, skill, or health routine.
  • Achieving higher productivity in your job or profession.
  • Finishing work faster.
  • Making progress in projects, hobbies, or other leisurely pursuits.

In addition, at the end of each day, spend a short time to jot down a few quick notes in the instruction manual that came with the package. You can be sure that this will make a big difference. After you have completed the fourth week, you will probably not remember which blends you took to, what effects these blends had on you, and which ones did not work for you.

Some of the ingredients that you took will stay somewhat longer in your system, so it would be advisable to take your entire weekend off – so that your neurochemistry can reset. This will also help you take full advantage of this health venture. 

After you have repeated this process for each of the 4 boxes, you will have discovered which blends you like most. Your Thesis coach can assist you in customizing future orders, so that only your favorite blends are sent to you.

Tips To Get Maximum Benefit From Thesis Nootropics

  • You should understand that nootropics do not come very cheap.
  • The right usage will help you get the most from your experience.
  • It is recommended that you consult a Thesis expert before deciding on any modifications.

Choose Caffeine-Free: If you happen to be new to nootropics, begin with the non-caffeinated blends. Let's say you drink coffee most of the days – maybe, sometimes 2 cups. In that case, make sure to choose Thesis versions that are caffeine-free. There are several reasons why you should do so. Firstly, nootropics accentuate the effect of caffeine. Going caffeine-free, in this scenario, gives you better control. It is a fact that the health benefits from coffee do not come from caffeine – instead, you get them from the flavonoids, polyphenols, and other phytochemicals. Plus, you might simply like the taste of coffee.

Choose The Right Dietary Fats: Nootropics work best with dietary fat. Some types of fat, such as C8 MCT Oil – a special extract of coconut, deliver certain compounds to the brain more efficaciously. This also slows down their absorption and metabolism. The result is a stronger and smoother nootropic experience – less prone to tripping up.

Avoid Protein Rich Food: If fat is nootropics friendly, protein is the opposite. This, however, is not to discourage you from consuming protein or aminos (particularly essential amino acids). The issue is, these aminos compete with nootropics for getting absorbed into your system. Hence, if you take protein soon after you have taken nootropics, or vice versa, the beneficial effects are likely to get dampened. So, it would make better sense to space out your nootropics and protein intakes with a time gap of at least an hour.

Adjust Lifestyle For Optimal Recovery: Nootropics shift your brain into high gear. If your body doesn’t recover properly, while sleeping, eventually you will burn out and the whole purpose of taking these health supplements will be defeated. There are lots of ways to enhance your recovery. First, try to sleep more and well. Give your brain that extra downtime to relax after working so hard. Next, eat right so that your brain receives the nutrients it needs. For example, you might feel a noticeable difference if you take magnesium and trace minerals with your nootropics. You may sense improved effects even after cutting back on your dose.

Go For The Full Sachet: If you are sensitive to nootropics, you might decide to take only a portion of the packet. While this looks like a logical move, the fact is that the ingredients are not uniformly distributed throughout the capsules. Let’s say, if you only take 1 pill out of 3, you might get the l-theanine and caffeine, but deny yourself the rest of the magic ingredients. So, the best way would be to take the entire sachet earlier on in the day.

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The Final Word About Thesis Nootropics

Thesis is the best custom nootropic among various supplements in this category. Thesis products are tailored to match with your unique needs. The innovative combinations of targeted nootropics along with a unique blend of vitamins, choline, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms set Thesis apart from other nootropics. The company offers Thesis nootropics online along with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A number of freebies are attached to every order, including complimentary coaching to assist you with your purchase.

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Use code 'GREATBRAIN' for 10% OFF

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