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February 5, 2023 in Supplements

Nootropic agents are natural or synthetic compounds that support brain/mental processes, allowing for better cognitive function. Although both natural and synthetic compounds are equally as effective, their safety profiles differ. Natural nootropic agents are often safer and accommodate a wide range of users. Elevate is one of the many brain enhancers on the market. This oral supplement uses a blend of nootropics to expand and enhance mental capacities. Let's take a better look at the different properties of Elevate:

What is Avantera Elevate?

Elevate is a nootropic supplement created by Avantera, a company that provides consumers with premium products that improve functionality in different areas of the body and mind.

Elevate is one of their more popular products, with hundreds of thousands of bottles sold worldwide.

It uses a clean and natural formula to improve cognitive function in a safe, non-invasive way. 

The blend of ingredients starts to work shortly after administration to provide users with brain-boosting effects throughout the rest of the day. It optimizes mental productivity, performance, energy, focus, and memory.

The potent effects produced by the supplement also eliminate mental stress, promoting feelings of calmness while improving gut health.

How Does Avantera Elevate Work?

Once consumed, the supplement takes a straightforward approach to enhancing cognitive processes. It improves cerebral vasodilation, which widens blood vessels, improving blood flow. With increased blood flow comes increased oxygen supply. The influx of oxygenated blood in the brain improves focus, concentration, and mental energy allowing the brain to perform at its peak while eliminating brain fog.

The formula also provides users with nutritional benefits that support the release of hormones that relax the body/mind and reduces unwanted impulses and stress. Although this mechanism of action is quite effective, it doesn't suit the needs of all users. This often leaves them looking for alternatives that produce effects that influence more cognitive/mental processes.

My Choice of Best Avantera Elevate Alternatives

In my opinion, the best alternatives to Elevate are NooCube and MindLab Pro. Unlike Elevate, which contains limited ingredients in low doses, NooCube and MindLab contain an excellent nootropic stack that seamlessly works together to produce potent effects that do not decline in intensity as time goes by. 

These supplements also support a wider range of cognitive functions while optimizing mental processes and regulating moods/emotional responses, whereas Elevate only improves specific aspects of brain function. NooCube and MindLab Pro were also designed for both long/short-term use and provide rapid results in either circumstance. Their potent effects are extremely beneficial for all users looking for cognitive enhancement. 


- Improves moods/emotional responses

- Eliminates mental strain, upgrade mental energy, focus

- Promotes cognition, mental processing & concentration


- Regulates moods and emotional responses

- Provides nutritional support & improves brain health

- Promotes clarity, focus, learning, thinking & memory

What Makes these Alternatives a Better Choice?

Products such as NooCube and MindLab Pro use several processes to improve brain function and support mental processes. In addition to the approach mentioned above, NooCube and MindLab use the processes below to achieve maximum brain function:

  • Accelerate the production of dopamine, acetylcholine, serotonin, and glutamate— neurotransmitters that enhance brain performance.
  • Improve the quality of biochemical and mechanical pathways inside the brain. This supports better mental function/processing.
  • Promote the activity of neurotransmitters that dictate the speed of thoughts and working memory.
  • Stimulates nerve growth, allowing the brain to send and receive signals from all over the body more efficiently. Nerve growth stimulation increases the bandwidth at which the brain operates.

Although the Elevate can execute a few of the processes mentioned above, the ingredient doses in the formula are not high enough to fully support each process. NooCube and MindLab, on the other hand, have a high nootropic potency, allowing them to successfully execute the multi-level approach above. 

This provides users with a more comprehensive set of effects that significantly improve cognitive function with results that can be achieved, sustained, and maintained long-term even after supplement use is discontinued. 

NooCube and MindLab Pro also function as a neuroprotector, repairing and protecting brain cells from damage by replenishing vitamin and nutrient levels and reversing cognitive decline caused by aging.

Are Nootropics Effective Brain Aids?

The brain is one of the most complex organs to understand, although its' been dissected by experts several hundred times. One aspect that seems to have most individuals scratching their heads is the effectiveness of nootropics on cognitive processes. Although most believe that nootropic agents are dangerous and could have the opposite effect on mental processes, clinical evidence proves the opposite.

According to studies, natural nootropics boost brain function while making the brain healthier. Compounds such as bacopa monnieri, turmeric, CDP Choline, and black pepper found in Elevate do just this by improving cerebral blood flow. 

There are other nootropic agents like citicoline, phosphatidylserine, pine bark extract, huperzine A, cats claw, oats straw, and more in products like NooCube and MindLab, which not only enhance cerebral blood flow but also do the following: 
  • Increase alertness and wakefulness
  • Repair/protect/regenerate the brain
  • Improve sleep quality and energizes brain cells
  • Accelerate good brain chemical production and function
  • Enhance receptor/neurotransmitter function, and brain chemistry
  • Promotes cognition, focus, memory, clarity, brain waves, nerve growth
  • Stabilizes moods/emotional responses and controls unwarranted impulses

The significant effect nootropic agents have on the brain makes it an effective and reliable option.

The Function of Nootropic Agents in Avantera Elevate

Avantera Elevate contains a natural blend of nootropic ingredients, herbs, and bioactive compounds that support the supplement's function. Let's take a closer look at the different components in Elevate to get a better understanding of its effect on the brain and its processes:

  • Bacopa Monnieri: This natural herb improves memory, reduces anxiety/stress, and boosts overall brain function.
  • L-Theanine: Helps regulate serotonin/dopamine levels while relieving stress, improving mood, and maintaining normal/restorative sleep patterns.
  • Turmeric: This ingredient has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects that support brain health, memory, mood, and overall brain functionality. It also helps eliminate brain fog.
  • CDP Choline: This ingredient rapidly passes through the blood-brain barrier into brain tissue to directly improve focus, cognition, memory, and mental energy. It also promotes dopamine receptor densities which affect the longevity of positive moods.
  • Green Tea Extract: Helps with brain functionality and enhances cognitive functions, such as working memory. It also boosts brain power and enhances and maintains mental energy.
  • Lion's Mane: Lion's Mane helps with brain cell regeneration and improves hippocampus functioning, enhancing memory, learning, and emotional responses.
  • Black Pepper: Piperine, the primary component in black pepper, improves brain function and reduces feelings of depression/anxiety.

Key Nootropic Agents We Didn't Find in Avantera Elevate

At first glance, the Avantera Elevate formula seems ideal with several nootropic agents with clinical evidence backing their effectiveness in cognitive enhancement. However, upon closer inspection of the dosing, I found that each ingredient in the formula is present in low doses, which means that they produce mild effects that do not profoundly affect mental processing.

Because of the low dose/concentration of each ingredient in Elevate, users might have to take the supplement for long periods of time until the effects build up and benefits become noticeable. In addition, there are some key nootropic components that should have been added to the formula so the supplement would have a more significant effect on all facets of mental and emotional processing.

These ingredients include:

Some of these ingredients are present in brain enhancement aids such as NooCube and MindLab Pro. The doses of these ingredients and other nootropic components are also quite high in these supplements, which allow them to produce potent and rapid effects that positively affect more than just cognition.


If you are searching for an all-natural brain enhancement aid, Elevate is a suitable choice with its well-structured formula and evidence-backed ingredients. However, the supplement does lack potency and some key nootropic agents.

I feel the supplement's properties are best suited for anxiety/stress-prone individuals who require a boost to optimize mental performance and steadily increase productivity. It will not be ideal for those looking for cognitive/mental acceleration.

In my opinion, the supplement works more like a cognitive maintenance aid with the added benefit of improving gut health rather than a rapid brain enhancer. After analyzing different aspects of Elevate, I also feel like users will receive the maximum benefits from the formula if they commit to consistent, long-term use.

Top Alternatives


- Improves moods/emotional responses

- Eliminates mental strain, upgrade mental energy, focus

- Promotes cognition, mental processing & concentration


- Regulates moods and emotional responses

- Provides nutritional support & improves brain health

- Promotes clarity, focus, learning, thinking & memory

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Elevate can I take a day?

Users can take a maximum of 2 capsules a day.

When is the most appropriate time to take an Elevate dose?

Users should take their dose within the first hour of waking up. For optimal results, the dose should be taken on an empty stomach.

How long till I see/experience results from Elevate use?

Time frames often differ from one user to another however, the standard onset of effects occurs 20-30 minutes after taking the first dose. Full effects are experienced approximately 30 days after consistent use.

How long will a single bottle of Elevate last?

Users who follow the recommended dosage plan will get a full month's supply from a single bottle.

Does Elevate use come with side effects?

Possible side effects associated with the use of this supplement include:

  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Fatigue, nausea, acid reflux
  • Anxiety, irritability, and insomnia
  • Diarrhea, bloating, stomach cramps
  • Dizziness, blurred vision, headaches


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