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By playing The Great Brain Experiment you are taking part in a scientific experiment. This is anonymous and you can easily withdraw at any time by clicking the 'Options' button in the app. When you first install The Great Brain Experiment you'll see an explanation of how your data will be used, and we reproduce this text below.

Whenever you play a game in The Great Brain Experiment, your score is automatically sent to our server in an anonymised form. We will use these scores to research how the brain works. To collect this data, we need to have your consent.

By tapping "I agree" [in the app], you confirm that:

  • you know what data you'll be sending to us, why we're collecting this data, and what we'll use the data for
  • you agree to send this data to us
  • you understand that you can stop sending us data at any time, without affecting how you use the app
  • this is your mobile device

Please scroll down and read the rest of the information carefully. You can find it again at any time in the 'Options' section of the app.

What's this research for?
We want to know how some simple cognitive traits vary across large groups of people. We also want to find people with interesting groups of traits who might participate in further research. Above all, we want you to enjoy the game, and find out a bit more about what psychologists do to investigate the brain.

What will I do?
You will provide some basic demographic information, and confirm some settings in order to sign up. After that, you are free to play the games as many or as few times as you like, and we will get useful data each time you play.

How long will it take?
The sign-up process should only take a few minutes. Each game takes about five minutes to play, and you can play them as much or as little as you like.

What data will I be sharing?
Your test scores and the basic details you give us in the app will be sent to us.

What will you do with this data?
We'll use it for our academic research, and to create the summary data that all app users can see. We'll apply statistical methods to the combined responses from everyone taking part. If you're interested in the data collected, go to the 'Compare' screen - this will allow you to see test scores for different types of app users. We'll also use the data for our scientific research, and we'll publish the results in scientific journals. The papers will be available to read online - go to the news page to see details of recent studies. In all cases, we'll never report any individual's responses - only information at the group level.
We also might like to invite you to take part in further research based on your game scores. We'd send you an anonymous invitation though the app.

Is it anonymous?
Yes. We won't know who you are. We don't ask for your name or for any other identifying information, and we don't need your phone number to send notifications to your phone.

Is it confidential?
Yes. We won't disclose your data to any third party unless (1) we're required by law to do so, or (2) we do so under a strict contractual agreement with other academic researchers, exclusively for the purpose of academic research at a recognised institution.

Is it secure?
The data is not encrypted before it is submitted over the internet. However, no personal information is used by the app or sent to us.

Do I have to take part in the research to use the app?
If you don't want to take part in the research, go to the Options screen and change 'Participate in experiment' to 'Off' . Your use of the app will be unaffected. If you change your mind, you can change the setting back to 'On' at any time .

Is it easy to get out of?
Taking part is completely voluntary. You can change your preference in the Options menu at any time and without giving a reason. You can withdraw completely from the experiment at any time in the Options menu and this will delete all your data from our data store. Or you can just delete this app from your mobile at any time (although once you've done this, you won't be able to delete your data from the server). We won't be able to remove your data from analyses that have already been completed.

How much data does it use?
Not very much. The average user will use less than 1Mb in total during their time using the app. This doesn't include the data used to download or update the app.

I have another question...
If there's anything else you would like to know, please contact us:
- email at info@thegreatbrainexperiment.com
- write us at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging, 12 Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG
- visit www.thegreatbrainexperiment.com

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