The Great Brain Experiment

Be part of a unique scientific experiment by playing games on your phone.

Test your memory, your impulsivity, your attention and decision making. Learn about the neuroscience of everyday life.

October 2015  In a new paper published in the journal PLOS ONE, we report findings from 12,496 players of the app, profiling how our self-control changes as as we get older. Thanks to everyone who has played so far! Read more about this finding and others here.

We’ll have more discoveries to announce in the near future, in the meantime it’s not too late to take part – please download the app and keep playing!

The Guardian
It's cute, quirky and pretty addictive. Every time I turn on my iPad I find my children have been having a go
Wall Street Journal
Brain Experiment is fun and unpretentious - Best Overall game

Great Brain Experiment makes your phone a crowdsourced neurology lab
Time Out
get to find out how much smarter/thicker you are than the rest of the country
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